What if you could recall the perfect thing at the perfect moment?

Introducing Crusoe, the mobile application that gives you the ability to recall everything you’ve ever wanted to remember.

On average our minds can recall only about 10% of what we’ve read.  We built Crusoe for recalling the other 90%.  

Crusoe is a note-taking Evernote app for researchers, writers, students, professionals, and thoughtful readers that not only lets you create two-way links between notes, but actually lets you navigate your notes along these connection-pathways.  In Crusoe, you can never lose your train of thought because that’s exactly what Crusoe saves.  


Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a down and out writer who takes a pill that gives him instant access to everything he’s ever read, seen, or heard.  Here’s a clip from Limitlesscued up to the part where the pill kicks in for the first time. If you’ve never seen the movie, you might want to roll it back to the beginning of the clip:


What would it take for your mobile device to replicate what Eddie did in Limitless?
Just saving thousands of notes to a service such as Evernote or OneNote wouldn’t do it. Eddie’s genius mind didn’t churn out search results.  Google can do that. Instead, Eddie could connect the dots between the problem he’s facing at any given moment, and the best answer drawn from everything he’s ever seen or heard.  

To do what Eddie can do, your mobile device would need to record those connections―your actual trains of thought―and then present them to you at the moment you need them. Like this:

Turing screenshot

Welcome to Crusoe.   In Crusoe, you don’t save the notes you want, you connect them, which lets you see the exact notes that matter to you most at the moment you need them (even if you weren’t searching for them!).  

Crusoe is a fundamental tool that can adapt to any use case—but here are a few things that happen soon after you start making connections in Crusoe:

  • The more you connect, the less time you’ll spend working through a list of search results.  
  • You’ll stop repeating work you’ve already done.  With Crusoe, once you’ve connected the notes you want to remember, you should never have to go through a stack of tagged notes and figure out how all your notes fit together.
  • Crusoe will show you the exact notes you need at a given moment even if you had forgotten those notes and weren’t even looking for them.    
  • You can look at any note and immediately remember what it is, why you saved it.
  • Re-visit long, complex articles, in a fraction of the time it would take you to re-read them.  
  • Perhaps most useful / fun / interesting of all–you can get your various article excerpts, book highlights, images, and ideas talking to one another.  Every connection says, “When I see this note, make sure I see these notes too.”

The more notes you connect, the less you’ll search, and the more Crusoe will think like you do so that you can see the perfect notes at the perfect time, just like Eddie.  Here it is, here you go.


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