Crusoe’s note icons display full titles and large snippets so you can identify notes at a glance for a better browsing experience.

When Romeo3 sat down to design Crusoe, we asked ourselves if there was anything about the Evernote experience we wanted to change.  We decided to change how note icons are displayed so that users could identify notes at a glance without having to open up each one.

Below is Evernote’s “snippets” view on the iPad:

Evernote note display

As you can see, Evernote truncates the titles and bodies of the notes.  And here is Evernote’s Card view of the same notes:

Evernote card view

Compare the screenshots above with how the same notes appear in Crusoe.  In text priority mode (we also have an image priority mode), the user sees the full titles of each note:

Crusoe note display

We think this improves the browsing experience, which is a big part of what Crusoe is about.  If users had to open each note to see what it is, this would interrupt the browsing experience.  Instead we designed Crusoe so users could identify notes at a glance to make it easier to follow the trains of thought you build over time.