Evernote Saves Notes.  

Crusoe Saves Your Research.

Because what’s the point in reading

if you can’t recall what you’ve read?

How It Works

Search-Free Information Retrieval


Save each quote, note, question, excerpt, etc. into Evernote


Save your train(s) of thought by connecting your notes.


Let Crusoe remember what notes matter and why

Evernote saves your notes.

Crusoe saves how they fit together.

Because if you can save how you think, you can recall anything (even the things you forgot).

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You've heard of speed-reading.  Here is how to enable speed recall with Crusoe so that you can always remember what you read. I have saved thousands of online articles, book highlights, PDFs, etc. into Evernote since its 2008 release. Every time I saved one of those...